TRIKA – No Child Left Behind

Derived from the Sanskrit language, TRIKA means triple or threefold. We believe that 3 key stakeholders -Parents, School and Enablers play a pivotal role in helping the child flourish academically, socially and emotionally.

A child’s long-term socio- emotional and academic development are closely interrelated, impacts its childhood and subsequently adulthood in the longer run. At TRIKA, we work with all the above stakeholders, through varied interventions keeping the child as the focal point, to support and capacitate them in identifying, understanding and treating learning and behavioral issues in the formative years itself.

Story of Pragathi

A Child with Learning Difficulties

Pragathi is a bright seven-year-old, excellent in sports and a smart public speaker. But she struggles and becomes fearful when it comes to studies, specifically when asked to read. It stresses little Pragathi, as other students have no difficulty in reading, learning in school and they score well. Teachers don’t know how to handle her slow progress, get impatient and rush with their syllabus, making her more stressed as she can’t follow what she reads. This worries her parents as they wonder why despite being smart, she struggles and what to do about it?…    Read More

About Blinktrika

We at Trika endeavour to ensure “No Child is Left Behind” due to learning difficulties in mainstream school; started the 3R LAB project, which provides affordable remedial intervention within school campus during English class hours. With a vision of reaching to millions of children with learning difficulties, we also created virtual study modules which are inexpensive and nurtures individual learning levels of the child back at home.   Read More

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3R Lab Schools


Trika School of Excellence

TSE is a well defined learning space which is replete with visual and hearing learning aids with specific focus on One-on-One student tutor engagement for children with learning difficulties. Learning aids addressing the reading, writing, comprehension and arithmetic/maths requirements will be suitably designed and provided in class environment.  Read More