3R Lab Program

3R Lab Program

Parents would be provided with a remedial intervention package under the TRIKA 3R Lab Program. The package would consist broadly of:

  1. Pre & Post Test: A Year end assessment would be undertaken by trained experts to provide detailed progress made by the students as a result of the intervention with pre & post test data.
  2. Core Skills Sessions: The sessions seek to improve the students’ abilities in reading, writing, comprehension and arithmetic. Study Kits would be provided to the students on regular basis to enhance their learning abilities.

Study Skills:
A systematic & sequential reading instruction module, replete with learning tools, to learn & practice fundamental principles of reading, comprehension, spelling, sound symbol correspondence, phonological awareness & writing skills. Helps develop effective powerful communication abilities in school students.

Practical Math’s:
An intensive resource based Maths learning programme, focusing on equipping the learner with effective learning strategies, techniques, systematic instructions and problem solving abilities. It encourages adopting a practical and realistic approach while learning & solving Mathematical concepts and problems.

  1. Reading Corner: A text to speech handheld device will read out loud any story books or subject books for the student. It helps the learner by inculcating the habit of reading by easily listening to the audio narration. This also takes away the fear of books from 3R Lab students.
  2. VAKT Style of Teaching: In 3R Lab children learn through VKAT style (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic), thereby addressing an individual child’s learning style and needs.
  3. An Online Vocabulary Library:
  4. Monthly Activity Report: A monthly activity report would be provided by the Resource Room Team to share the activities which have been undertaken with the students within the remedial programs.
  5. Term wise Growth Chart Update: A termly growth chart would be provided to the Parents to understand their child’s progress on various pre identified parameters post joining the remedial program.