Diploma in Learning Difficulty Management

A Diploma course focused on training individuals, teachers, professionals and parents willing to work with children having learning difficulties (LD). The trainings orient participants on promoting positive encouraging learning environments, recognizing types of learning difficulties and how to employ simple, effective learning & teaching methodologies. The trainings emphasize measures to support a child’s better societal integration and adjustment.

This programme has been designed specifically for individuals/teachers/parents to equip them as ‘Enablers’ or facilitators for children with learning difficulties. The interested Enablers would be trained to conduct screening tests for children with learning difficulties.The training sessions thereby would introduce them to different kinds of learning difficulties, categories of learners, differences in learning levels and means to effectively engage such learners in the learning process.

Thereafter they would be provided with periodic training on how to implement lesson plans for specific learners.
TRIKA Enablers would be trained periodically at 3 levels with a mandatory time bound field experience in order to complete the full training course. Upon completion of the course, enablers will receive a certificate from CHILD and credit/ certificate from “Kansas University, USA” for strategies.

Enablers Training Course Content


Training would include the following

  • Understanding Learning Disabilities and Mediation
  • From Learning to Read to “Reading to Learn”
  • Multisensory Spelling
  • Strategy: Fundamentals in Sentence Writing
  • Strategy: Fundamentals in Paraphrasing and Summarizing
  • Mediating Math and Practical Sessions


Training will equip the participants with:

  • To refine the remedial program
  • Multisensory-II
  • Self-Questioning strategy-II
  • Informal Assessments
  • Preparing an IEP
  • Proficiency in sentence Writing
  • Spelling – Multisensory Stage II.


Remedial Tutor Training Program

  • Cognitive enhancement skills.
  • Mediation techniques
  • Hierarchy of learning/Reading & Thinking.
  • Concept mastery strategy
  • Proficiency in sentence writing- compound complex sentences.

Mandatory requirement: After Level I – teachers need to work with students for at least three months before they take up Level II and likewise before undertaking Level III.