Our Program

Our Program

A one- on- one tutoring programme, within school campus, for students having challenges in fundamental reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.The lab respects individual learning styles & devises strategies to make learning fun, attractive & creative.


  • Early identification of learning difficulties & early remedial interventions.
  • Enhancing children’s fundamental Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Skills’ along with ‘Thinking and Study Skills’ development.
  • Sensitization of parents of children with learning difficulties on their children’s learning challenges.
  • Promoting parental participation in children’s education.


  • Structured, well- defined learning space within schools.
  • Combines one-on-one & group intervention programmer.
  • Equipped with learning aids & virtual study modules.
  • Trained full time tutors addressing individual learning levels and nurture every child’s potential
  • Follows non-threatening & non-judgmental teaching approach.