Story of Pragathi – A Child with Learning Difficulties

Story of Pragathi

Pragathi is a bright seven-year-old, excellent in sports and a smart public speaker. But she struggles and becomes fearful when it comes to studies, specifically when asked to read. It stresses little Pragathi, as other students have no difficulty in reading, learning in school and they score well. Teachers don’t know how to handle her slow progress, get impatient and rush with their syllabus, making her more stressed as she can’t follow what she reads. This worries her parents as they wonder why despite being smart, she struggles and what to do about it?

At TRIKA, we believe that every child is unique and deserves to learn in correspondence with his/her learning style and pace to yield the best of their true potential. The current grading systems do not identify specific learning challenges and address the remedial needs pertaining to man power, learning space and materials. To add to the above, Misconceptions and stigma associated with learning difficulties often result in seeking distanced professional help which unfortunately inculcates the practice of seclusion.

Core Problem: 
Every child has his or her own style and pace of learning. When subjected to a common mainstream education process, we find that some children are unable to progress like their peers. The causes can be different learning styles/levels, inherent learning difficulties to genetic/heredity issues or neurological conditions. In spite of the best of efforts, a common education structure fails to meet the needs of such children due to misconceptions and lack of essential knowledge, skills and trained man power to handle learning difficulties. This further amplifies the inability of the child to overcome the difficulties, resulting in lack of confidence, fear, stigma of low grades, and ultimately, dropping out of mainstream education process.